Cr Raymond Brown 26th April 2021 Commencing at 11AM

Live Streaming will commence as close to the scheduled time as possible, please be patient as there may be delays.

Chapel Service

Direct Link: https://wedflow.co/client/deliverables/3o27l59q


Some Important Information Regarding Live Streaming

We use YouTube as the primary delivery method for live streaming, YouTube is one of the most easily accessible platforms now available on a large majority of devices including smart TV’s. YouTube has a low barrier to entry allowing viewers to quickly get directly to the stream with an intuitive user interface. In addition to this, YouTube is accessible in majority of countries across the world, as we often do not know where viewers are located it is a safe bet using a platform such as YouTube that the stream will be accessible.

YouTube also natively provide us a redundant ingest method, should there be issues with our primary video ingest we can easily switch to a backup to ensure continuity of the stream.

Your viewers may like to take advantage of the chat function available via YouTube, viewers can leave messages that can be read by the family after the service or to provide any technical/service feedback to us during the live stream.

As Live Streaming is largely reliant on the Mobile Broadband Network, much like your mobile phone the service can be prone to interruption, degraded signal our dropouts. While we understand this is not ideal, all efforts are made to ensure a consistent stream is provided to viewers. As such, if the stream is degraded or drops out we ask you please to be patient while we work to restore the service. Given we are at the mercy of the mobile network, all services are recorded, should there be a major outage that prevents the stream from continuing or degrades the service to a point where it is not viable to continue watching, the recorded content will be edited and uploaded within two hours of the service and distributed online.