Live Stream

If you have family or friends overseas who are unable to make it to your special day then this service is perfect for you.

Live Stream your special event across the world!

Using Live Stream technology we can send your ceremony live across the world, in Full HD as the action happens for friends and family to watch online through their computer or smart devices wherever they are located!

How Does it Work?

Live Stream technology attaches directly to the video camera, the camera is connected directly to a Live Stream device via HDMI Cable. The Live Stream device is equipped with a 4G Mobile Broadband Card that allows us to connect directly to a remote server. Friends and Family at home are directed to a web address of your choosing for the day, which can be fully customised to your day including live broadcast times, holding slides and even pre-edited video.

What Can I Stream?

We are able to stream any part of your day including bride and groom preparations, ceremony, photo shoots and the reception. We can edit video on the fly and upload this directly to the Live Stream site so while we are not streaming video your friend and family can have a look back over what has already happened!

Are There Any Restrictions?

The video streamed is live and unedited so your family and friends will see everything the camera sees and hear everything the camera can hear while streaming – aside from this the only limitation of the service mobile broadband reception, for the service to work to full extents while streaming ideally the location will have full 4G Phone Reception. The system can operate in 3G zones but video quality will be limited.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

Contact us today for a obligation free quote. Tell us what you would like streamed including some rough timing and location of your service/reception so we can provide you with the most accurate quote.

LiveStream Broadcaster device mounted on Video Camera.