Memorial Videos

Celebrate the life of a loved one with a video memorial or tribute…

Video Memorial or Tribute videos are the perfect way to showcase the life of your loved one, these videos can be shown at the funeral service or private memorial services.

Creating your memorial video is very simple – we just ask you to supply a selection of photos (and video) you would like in the video and some music suggestions. We will assemble the memorial video and provide you with a proof to review and approve.

The video can be delivered digitally or provided via USB or other media.

You might also like to consider having some family members who might be unable to travel or attend in person recording a personalized tribute, these will be edited into the memorial video along with any supplied photos.

The memorial video will also provide a fantastic keepsake you can view for many years to come, enjoying the special memories of your loved one.

Below is a sample video tribute…

This tribute was made using photos and some favorite music suggested by the family.