Alice Ray

Created: Mar 6, 2023 Service Date: 14th March at 2PM Service Time:

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How to watch the stream

The stream should automatically commence playing when live video is received. If the stream does not automatically commence, please refresh the page.

There are times where the service may be delayed beyond the scheduled start time, please be patient; we will commence the stream as soon as possible.

Once the stream has commenced, you can use the player controls to enter full screen mode.

Some Important Information Regarding Live Streaming

As Live Streaming is largely reliant on the Mobile Broadband Network, much like your mobile phone the service can be prone to interruption, degraded signal our dropouts.
While we understand this is not ideal, all efforts are made to ensure a consistent stream is provided to viewers.
As such, if the stream is degraded or drops out we ask you please to be patient while we work to restore the service. Given we are at the mercy of the mobile network, all services are recorded, should there be a major outage that prevents the stream from continuing or degrades the service to a point where it is not viable to continue watching, the recorded content will be edited and uploaded within two hours of the service and distributed online.